13-15 April

About the Project

The project was created by us, a group of second year Media Design students from Torrens University Australia. We were in Bangkok for a month as a part of our international experience trip, which also included two weeks in Tokyo, Japan. We joined in on various classes at Stamford University in Bangkok, and completed this project as a group for our major marketing assignment. We split the group into three teams, graphic, motion and interactive. The graphic team handled designing the logo, colour palette and patterns. The motion team created a video that introduced visitors to the project, and gave an overview of the information covered by the website. The interactive team designed and developed the website. The entire project was completed in three weeks over the Songkran Festival. It was a really valuable experiecne, and gave us the oppurtunity to learn how to work effectively and efficiently as a team, while learning froma culture very different to what we're all used to.

The team!

From left to right, Phillip Khoo, Richie Khoo, Michelle Foong, Jack Alexander, Kayla Stasinopolous, Liam Kenny, Cody Tonkin, Valentine Igbinosa, Rhi Van Eck & Melanie Nottle.